How your business communicates with the world is critical. Our team of writers and editors can ensure your message is pitch perfect. We specialise in corporate communications that are consistent, audience appropriate, and suitably persuasive. Whether you are tendering for a contract, growing your online readership, or sending a vital letter to an important client, Spurious Media can guarantee your wording is perfect. 


Our production team brings your narratives to life through storyboarding,writing, filming, editing, mixing, and associated technical wizardry. We specialise in the end-to-end completion of your project, ensuring that every step of the process is meticulously executed.

Branding and Strategy

Business success is contingent on a complex combination of big picture strategy and diligent execution of the small stuff – daily functions that keep an organisation ticking along. While many SMEs are focussed on ensuring orders are met and marketing material goes out, they can lose sight of the wider scope. At Spurious Media we specialise in the big picture, the long term branding decisions that will lead to sustained growth and long-term success.

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